KOCHO / Marie Kocho

- vocal & lyrics - 

KOCHO started her career as a vocalist with a song featured in the back ground music of the Japanese animation “Birty the Mighty - DECODE”, which Yugo Kanno, a famous soundtrack composer, composed its music for.
Since then she has sung for many TV animations, dramas and commercials in Japan, where creators relied on her stable vocal skills and emotional expressions. 
In 2016, she wrote lyrics for the opening theme music of TV animation “NEW GAME!” and “SAKURA Skip”, where she became well known for her songwriting skills. 
Her beautiful, delicate high tone whispering voice along with her mystical, strong Bulgarian voice is to be heard worldwide, from her international releases yet to come. 
*Vocal Recordings:
Main theme song for the TV drama “Unnatural”
Main theme song for the TV drama “Haha-ni-naru (The day I became a mother)”
Main theme song for the TV drama “Keiji-Yugami (Detective Yugami)”
Music for the TV animation “Re: Zero -Starting Life in Another World-”
Music for the TV animation “The Ancient Magus' Bride”: Vocal recordings were done for the 5th episode’s song “kimi-no-yukue (Your whereabouts)” 
Opening theme “Brand New Sky” for Play Station 4・Play Station Vita game music “Jikkyou Pawafuru Puroyakyu 2018 (Live Powerful Professional Baseball 2018)”